Denali Mountain Escapade


I hoist up my mountain climbing bag on my shoulders. I wave at the old man who just gives me a lift. Now I can start hiking the highest peak in North America. The Denali mountain. I smile while I look at my surroundings as the car speeds away. I can smell the mixed odor of the air, trees, glacier and whatnot.

I have promised myself that before I graduate from college, I have to go to this once-in-a-lifetime adventure in Alaska. It is one that my Dad and I promised to each other long before. But then, Dad is not around anymore. But I believe his spirit is.

I sigh.

I have to keep that promise—even though I am doing this alone. While contemplating my twenty-two years on Earth, I start to walk. I stop now and then to take some pictures of breathtaking views. The autumn paints the different colors of nature. The mountain is in a riot of gold, light yellow, light brown and green, among other colors, as well as white as snow caps some mountain ridges.

Nature is truly beautiful!

I cross a shallow river. The water has slightly muddy color and it is very cold. My wet ankle-high climbing boots begin to drag my feet. But I continue to walk.

Aside from the sound of the flowing water and the breeze blowing, I can hear the footsteps I make as pebbles, stones and sands are ground beneath my boots.

I look around the wide, grassy prairie. I am not sure exactly how many hours I’ve already walked. It is getting darker now. Perhaps I have to see where I can temporarily camp out. I have brought with me a single tent, a torch, a knife, a small portable stove, a pot and some canned foods, chips, candies and others. Of course, a few underwear garments, a couple of sweatshirts, a pair of jeans, an extra water-proof jacket and basic first aid kit are also inside my bag.

I suddenly stop when I hear a wolf howl not so far away from me. I automatically pick a nearby branch. My heart is pounding against my chest.

I groan. Of course, there are wolves, bears and other wild animals around here, especially that darkness is starting to envelope the surrounding.

Tara, just relax. You’re not afraid of those animals. They can’t eat you. You’re too skinny for their liking. I stupidly mumble to myself.

A breaking of a twig behind my back has me bolted. I run through the trees like hell. That wolf is going to be sorry. It has to catch up with me before I’ll slice its guts out!

I skid to a stop as I see a gigantic ash-colored wolf some meters in front of me. It seems that it is just waiting for me to get there. Its mouth is open like it is grinning.

I blink and swallow hard.

It slowly approaches me, like a predator to its prey.

“Get away!” I warn it, waving the tree branch I’m holding.

It growls.

I lunge at it. It steps back in a safe distance.

Then I hear another howl, from behind me, on my left side and on my right side. They are either black or gray in color.

Damn it! I am surrounded by a pack of unbelievably huge black and gray wolves!

I turn round and round, trying to see which one will attack me first. Then the seemingly alpha that is right in front of me lifts up its head and howls. Simultaneously, the others lunge forward. Of course, toward me.

It is like in a slow-motion scene in a movie. I hit the nearest wolf in the head. Hard. And then the next one. But they get up. Fast.

Another one from behind me lunges at me. But this time, a rust-colored massive wolf leaps into the air and its mouth catches the neck of a black wolf. It does not let go when they both land on the leaf-filled ground. It further buries its fangs and teeth into its victim’s neck and tears it into shreds. The gray wolf lays there motionless.

Then the rust-colored wolf slowly turns to the others that attack it at the same time. Suddenly, it spews fire and burns them all.

I gasp. My eyes are round with fear and shock.

What have I just witnessed? A huge wolf that can breathe fire like a dragon?

This is impossible!

I slowly step back, unconsciously.

Then the rust-colored wolf slowly turns its face to look at me.

I gasp. It’s like the air is knocked out of my lungs.

I see flashes of images that I have never seen before. There are faces of people, places and some other things.

I fall butt first when I have not noticed a protruding root of a tree. I wince and groan in pain. The string of images is gone like a connection is broken.

I look at the rust-colored wolf once again. And before I know what is coming, I see it shift into a gigantic human form. And it is a he.

I look at him slowly getting up from his hunches while his eyes are fixed on me.

He has red-colored straight hair that touches his wide shoulders. He has dangerous and wild but good-looking face. His eyes, I cannot determine their color from this distance but they look dark and ominous-looking. But my heart seems to race at this realization. His chest is wide and muscular. His abs, well I don’t think I can count them right now. His biceps and thighs are thick with muscles.

And… oh! Oh! Oh, God! He’s so huge!

I almost forget. I am staring right at a naked man! A beautiful, godly man—shifter, at that. Obviously. I think.

Jacob in “Twilight” is hot. But he cannot compare to this one. This one right here is just so… magnificent! His magnificence even takes my breath away.

I crawl fast like a crab, even though I am hindered by my huge bag.

“Don’t come near me!” I warn. Or does it sound like a plea?

He stops on his tracks. I turn my face away. I feel it getting hot as moments tick by. Now I’m the one who’s embarrassed to see a naked man.

I took off my bag from my shoulders and rummage inside. I take out my white towel and throw it to him. He catches it and secures it around his waist.

“Thanks.” He has a raspy, sexy voice.

Oh, God! He is so perfect!

Wait, Tara. You’re talking about a shifter. Save that admiration and attraction.

“I-I think I should thank you… for saving me,” I say, taking a quick glimpse at the burnt wolf bodies. The fire is already extinguished because of the damp ground. There has been rain in this area last night.

Well, that is a relief! I don’t want to be suspected as an arsonist. Or rather, I don’t want to be accused as a Denali arsonist if the rangers caught me here! My life will be over!

I halt my train of thoughts. No, it won’t go that far. I’m just being silly.

Right now, I have a shifter right in front of me. And I don’t know why he has rescued me from a huge pack of wolves.

“Why are you here?” It sounds like an irate demand.

I give him a sideways glance. “Hiking.”

He chuckles and mutters something inaudible and incomprehensible. Perhaps it is in a different language. Judging by his tanned skin, he is not entirely Caucasian. Perhaps he has Native American genes in his blood.

“And why are you alone? Aren’t you supposed to have some company or something?” he continues his inquiry like a detective asking a suspect.

“I’m not alone.” I raise my chin.

He narrows his eyes incredulously. “Who are you with? I’m going to escort you back.”

I scoff. “You can’t see him. You don’t have to do that, too. I can very well take care of myself.”

“Yeah, right! You could’ve handled the pack of wolves back there,” he sarcastically points out.

I refuse to be offended.

“Why… did you save me?” I ask curiously.

He falls silent.

“Were they… like you?” I add, wanting to know more about him.

“I shouldn’t have talked to you or showed you… what I am,” he says, shaking his head. He slowly turns away. He mutters something I can’t understand. Again. But it seems that he is scolding himself.

“Hey! Do you have a name?”

He looks over his shoulder. “It’s Wulfrun. How about you?”

“I’m Tara.” I give him a smile.

He does not return it. Instead, he sheds off the towel to toss it back to me, then he shifts into a wolf once again. He looks at me before he disappears into the thicker part of the woods.

Great. Now I’m alone. Or not… Just as I’ve told him. I am not. My father’s spirit should be around. Somewhere. With me.

“Okay, Dad. Thank you for sending me a wolf as an angel,” I say out loud, looking up and spreading my hands.

I laugh almost hysterically.

Some minutes later, I’ve found this perfect spot near a small lake where I can camp for the night. I suppose it is safer there. I am sure I will not burn the entire Denali National Park and Preserve from there.

I build a little fire surrounded by stones and pebbles so that the fire will not lick its way out of the containment area while I sleep through the night. I then put up my tent efficiently. It is like riding a bike. My father and I have been used to camping out when I was young, so I’ve learned how to do it on my own. Oh, how I miss my Dad. And my Mom who has passed away before him.

I heat up a can of beans before I eat for dinner. I look up at the starry night. It is so beautiful out here! Just so beautiful. And tranquil. Well, minus the animal sounds.

I jump up when I hear someone groan in pain. The next sound I hear is a loud thud. It is like big a log that is dropped on the ground.

I whirl around from where it comes from. It’s behind my tent. I pick up the knife I hide in my boots.

“Who’s there?” I query, forcing my voice to be strong and not shaky as I feel.

I peer behind the tent and I see Wulfrun lying on his back. Naked again. A hand is pressed against his right side.

I crouch beside him while I put back the knife inside my boots. I touch his hand.

“What happened?” I worriedly ask. I realize that my hand now feels sticky and I smell blood. “Oh, no, no, no! You can’t stay here. Get up. Get up. That’s it.”

I help him get up even though he is way beyond the weight I can carry. He puts his arm on my shoulders as I show him in front of the crackling fire.

He is breathing heavily as I lay him down inside the tent. I take out the towel again and cover his distracting private part, which makes my damn cunt react in ways it hasn’t before.

Do I just feel dewy down there?

I clear my throat as I dress his wound carefully using hydrogen peroxide and betadine, before dressing it. It seems like a torn flesh from claws, fangs or something. It’s ugly, big and deep. It seems that he has lost a lot of blood, too.

He closes his eyes. “I’ll be okay in a few hours,” he murmurs.

I look at him. With the fire outside my tent, I can still clearly his roguish handsome face. His breath is now even. It looks like he has fallen asleep.

My eyes travel down his clean-shaven face, muscled neck and chest, then his muscled stomach and abdomen.

Oh-kay. That’s enough checking out, Tara. Enough sightseeing already, I scold myself.

I sigh and go out to the lake to wash my bloody hands and bloody face towel. I hang it next to the fire where my bag is seated. It’ll get dry in a few hours. But perhaps it is going to be a long night, with a wounded sexy and attractive shifter inside my tent.

To be safe, I check again the burning fire and add some more twigs and branches. Then, I transfer my bag inside the now cramped tent. I zip up the tent from the inside and lie next to my rescuer. I use my other jacket as a pillow. I turn to the right side where I can see the sleeping beautiful and mysterious shifter.

My mind is filled with lots of questions but my eyelids become heavy. I haven’t realized that I am already asleep—until I feel someone’s big, rough hand caress my cheek. And that hand runs down to my shoulder, arm, waist and hip.

“Tara,” I hear him murmur my name.

I slowly open my eyes to see that Wulfrun’s face is already an inch away from mine. I can smell his minty and warm breath. Not only that but I can also feel the heat permeated by his huge body.

“Yes?” I whisper. “Are you in pain?” I start to worry about his wound. I begin to sit but he stops me.

“Not my wound. It’s fine now. It’s something else.” His voice is hoarse.

I look at him intently in the eye. My heart races to the realization of what he means.


He smiles for the first time. My insides seem to turn upside down. It is so arresting that my mind is not working now, especially that his lips roughly claims mine. The kiss is so passionate that it blows my mind away.

I softly moan.

“Let’s get you out of these. My body will warm you up,” he says, kissing my neck. He his hands work to take off my clothes and then some.

My hands caress his warm smooth chest. He shifts his position right in front of me after seeing me nude. I admire his body, fully aroused. I can’t even think or remember that the cold air is now touching my nakedness.

I reach out to touch his very huge, pulsating cock. He groans as if he is in pain. I stroke it experimentally. He takes away my hand to spread both above my head. His hands are against my wrists. Then, I close my eyes as his head dips to kiss my lips raw and hard.

I kiss him back with the same passion, while I feel one of his knees nudge my legs wide apart. My toes curl, feeling my vulnerability in this fashion. But the excitement between my thighs also builds up higher and higher. My cunt is getting wetter and wetter by the second. He does not even touch me there yet.

His lips jump to transfer to my nipples, kissing and suckling them one by one. I think I might go wild and crazy by the sensation. I have never been kissed this way before.

Yes, I am a virgin.

I am both excited and afraid. I wonder how it feels for the first time.

But as seconds go by, my fear is taken away by some new sensation that only Wulfrun can bring and offer me.

He pauses for a second to make me look at him. “From now on, you’re mine, Tara,” he declares. And with it, he plunges deep into me.

“Oh, damn it! That hurts!” I complain.

“It’ll go away, I promise.” His voice is coaxing me. “Just open up for me.” He plunges again.

I cry again.

“Tara, look at me,” he demands.

So I look at him, with my mouth open.

“Yes, that’s it. Open up for me, baby.” He moans as he thrusts again.

He enters his tongue into my mouth, imitating his cock in my cunt. My body adjusts well to him. The pain is going away and pleasure is making its way in.

He thrusts in and out, never stopping. I moan with pleasure.

“Yes, good now, huh?”

“Yes!” I answer with a whimper.

He shifts to hold both of my wrists in one hand above my head. His other hand reaches down to lift my leg up to rest on his shoulder. And the pressure of his cock gives another pleasurable sensation to my body.

“Oh, I so love your body.” His hand runs up and down my breasts and flat stomach. His thumb stops over to caress the little nub.

My body arches to that sweet torture. He leans forward to catch my nipple and sucks it like a hungry baby. He doesn’t stop. I don’t want him to stop.

Shit! That feels so great!

“More!” I demand him.

He caresses the nub even more. I can feel my hot liquid spreading throughout my cunt. He lets go of my breast and wrists. Instead, he now holds my buttocks up to touch my cunt with his lips.

My eyes rolled up into the back of my head in shock. And in pleasure.

I feel his tongue run up and down my dripping cunt. I moan in ecstasy.

“Ah, you’re so sweet, baby!” he observes, meeting my eyes. He licks it dry for long moments. I keep thrashing as I lay there, helpless.

After that, he closes my legs tight and holds them with one hand, resting on one of his broad shoulders. He enters my cunt again and again. Strong and wild. Deep and hard.

I can’t take it anymore. I feel the need to release now.

So is he. I feel it as well. It is like we’re very much connected.

That’s why I open my eyes again and meet his desire-filled eyes. They’re so dark that it feels like I am drowning into an abyss.

We both grunt with our release. My body shakes uncontrollably with pleasure.

He kisses my mouth one more time before he slumps beside me. He gathers me into his warm embrace. My face rests on his warm chest and his arms are around me, securing my body.

I gently touch the bandaged wound. “How is it?” I ask, a little worried after his exertion.

He smiles and kisses my forehead. To my horror, he takes off the bandage. But my eyes seem to be clouded because of the pleasure we just had.

Is this real? I can see the smooth skin there. I touch it in awe.

I push up my body in one elbow to look at him.

“You’re healed.”

“That I am. My kind heals fast. That is, when we have a good rest.” He gives me an arresting smile that kicks my chest wildly.

“So what happened?”

He sighs, letting my head rest on his muscled arm. One hand runs up and down my hip and thigh in a gentle caress.

“Actually, I was supposed to go back to my people’s hideout when I spotted you. From the very first time I saw you… since you got off from that car driven by an old man, your dark brown hair in an almost wild disarray as some tendrils escape from your ponytail, your face without makeup but your lips pink… I pictured they are as pink as your cunt,” he teases.

I blush.

“And I wasn’t mistaken.” He grins. I playfully slap his other arm. It seems that he hasn’t felt a thing. Maybe it’s just like a housefly landing on his skin as he is a very strong man. “Right then, I knew that I got to protect you. Ajote and his pack have been watching since you entered the woods.”

“So, that gray wolf had a name?” I raise an eyebrow.

“Yes. Ajote. I had to kill them. If not, they won’t stop until they tear you into shreds.”

“But was there something between you two before that?”

“He was the leader of his pack and I am the alpha of my own pack that’s still waiting for me to come back by the way. And this part and that part of the woods were their territory.”

“I see. But where were you? Where have you been before you spotted me?”

“I just came back from Yukon to visit my Dena’ina family and friends who live there. But most of them have been attacked by an old enemy. Krahu and his pack. They told me, the ones who were able to survive the attack. Krahu was at it again, trying to unite all the wolves. He killed whoever opposed him. So I tried to come back fast and I tried to avoid this territory as much as possible to not start a war, to warn my pack about Krahu. But because of you, we’ll be at war, by the way.”

My jaw drops. “What?”

“A new alpha of Ajote’s pack has risen. I knew it. I felt it. Then, I was on my way back to our hideout when I realized that Krahu and his pack had already got there. Judging by his triumphant smile at me, I felt it in my gut that he had already slaughtered them, if not all. He provoked me into a one-on-one fight. I defeated him but I was injured. That was when I came here. To you. I wanted to be taken care of by you.”

“But why? And what happens next?” I am filled with curiosity.

“You were shocked the first time I looked at you. Did you see or feel something? Anything at all?” His eyes are now interestingly looking at me.

I blink. “W-what do you mean? T-the weird string of images that flash before my eyes?”

“Really? That’s interesting.”

“Meaning? What are those images?”

“My past. You saw my past.” He embraces joyfully. “I was right from the very beginning! You are mine. You are my mate!” His mouth finds mine and I kiss him back.

“But what will happen now if you’re going to battle against Ajote’s pack?”

“I have a new pack, thanks to Krahu. He had the largest pack in North America. And now, I am their new alpha. I might just perhaps unite the entire wolf shifters as he dreamt of.”

“Wow! How many are we talking about here?”

“Not sure. Hundreds or thousands.”

My mouth rounds. “You’re that many shifters and people don’t even know you’re real? I didn’t think you’re real before I came here.”

He grins at me.

“People are big in fantasy and dreams. Sometimes they hit the bull’s eye, sometimes not. Or I might say, most of the times not.”

By next morning, we hike toward his new hideout together with his new pack. It is a cave with a well-hidden entrance underneath a gigantic root of a giant tree. I just can’t believe that I am in the midst of these shifters right now.

Wulfrun introduces me to his entire new and old pack as his mate. A number of females give me a disgusted and unwelcome look in their eyes. However, there are also some who seem to be envious. And yet, there are some who seem to just admire and adore me for being the mate of their alpha.

Komasi, the sister of Kwahu it turns out, is a great sport. She respects the new alpha. After all, Wulfrun has killed her brother fair and square. I hear that he has fought him with only fangs and claws, without using his fire power.

To everyone, his fire power is still a mystery. But he tells me that it is something that he has inherited from their ancestor, who had served the God of Fire. It is said that it’s a gift to his lineage.

Komasi brings me to the private quarter of the alpha, while Wulfrun holds a meeting with his trusted pack members. The room is the most secluded part of the cave with huge rocks that serve as walls. The bed is made of wood with white cloth as a cover and flowers are spread over it. There, she leaves me until my alpha mate comes to take me.

He smiles at me when he sees me naked and ready. I turn around to lie down on my stomach and he comes behind me after shedding his clothes. His lips caress my back and shoulders. He straddles lightly from behind and sinks his cock into my damp cunt.

I softly moan with pleasure.

He continues to thrust in and out of my warm depths for some moments. Later on, he rolls over and I find myself sitting on top of him, my back facing him, straddling him. He holds my slim waist and guides me up and down his cock.

Oh, fuck! This is so great! I can feel his cock reach to the deepest part of my body. This angle makes his beastly cock so huge and hard that I feel like my body is going to be torn into two.

He sits up and embraces me, pounding my cunt at the same time. His palms knead my breasts and his lips nip my shoulder.

I can’t stop from crying out until we both have reached the peak of our desire.

He then cuddles me from behind, telling me gently that he is going to war. I turn my face to look deep into his dark and mysterious eyes.

“Be sure to come back to me. Promise me,” I whisper softly.

He smiles. “I promise.” And he seals it with a sweet kiss.


– End –


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