Immortal’s Whispers


He stepped out from the hotel he’s staying for the month here in Washington DC. He wore a not-so-thick blue sweater with turtle neck paired with black jeans and running shoes. Corin Willoughby placed his hands in the pockets of his jeans and breathe in the cool spring air—even though it was unnecessary. He looked up at the dark sky and the different lights of the nearby buildings. It was a beautiful night, but he wondered where he would start looking.

Yes, he was looking for someone—his sister Cadelle. She went missing three centuries ago after attending a ball in New Orleans. However, days and weeks passed, she hadn’t returned. He’d been looking for her then but with no success. Until now…

Centuries had gone and passed. He already left his clan to look for her far and wide. He didn’t believe that she died then. He could feel that she is still alive. But it was still a puzzle why she went missing and if somebody engineered her disappearance. He still had no idea but only theories and speculations. With all those running out already.

He investigated those who were jealous of his sister’s beauty and popularity. He also investigated those who might have kidnapped her, imprisoned her, blackmailed her, or whatsoever. However, they were all for naught. Nothing came up positive from all of those.

He also didn’t believe that she ran away or killed herself. He had a special connection to her even before they were both changed by their step-mother who turned out to be a vampire who seduced their father to get their properties and wealth. It was about two years before New Orleans was founded, and their family had been living there for all their life, until their father died of some disease.

At first, Heloise was a good stepmother to them, until he and his sister noticed that she didn’t age even after their father died. It was the beginning then.

“This is my gift to you both—immortality—in exhange for your family’s fortune!” Heloise said then, after she turned the twins. She laughed and ordered someone to take them away.

Corin shook those memories and dragged himself back to the present. He also investigated his step-mother but it seemed that Cadelle wasn’t in the older woman’s hands. Then, he thought better of it now. Was Heloise really innocent with his sister’s disappearance?

He turned into an alley when he heard some beating and moaning. He realized that it was some kind of a riot. He got curious even though he would naturally go out of the way and mind his own business. However, it seemed to be different from the others he had encountered. It was like there was another vampire’s presence there or some kind of power that he sensed that had something to do with his kind.

His eyes scanned at the gang war before him. It looked like a Triad versus a mafia fight. His eyes were dragged to an Asian-looking guy who just leaned on the hood of a black car while smoking and watchingit like it was a movie scene.

He dodged when a couple of Asians turned to him like he was their opponent. In the process, he moved in the midst of the gang war. However, he didn’t use his strength and power as he evaded the attacks here and there. Until he saw her with a silver knife in her hand…upon seeing her face, her uncanny eyes, his long unbeating heart did a somersault, which seemed to change his fate and view about his immortality in merely a fraction of a second…


Maven Pierce swears that she finds the right target after her last hunt a month ago. However, why is she just standing there in the midst of a gang war looking like a hypnotized idiot and helpless girl?

She had been trailing him since a few minutes ago, still without seeing his face—until now when he turned and their eyes bumped into each other. Her heart skipped a beat and it crazily thudded against her chest.

He was the most beautiful creature she’d ever seen since she hunted at the age of twelve. She came from a long line of vampire hunter family. Her brother would think she got crazy for feeling this. It was unheard of that a vampire hunter in their family fell for a target. It never happened! But why did she feel like she had already fallen for him?

By these thoughts, she was distracted that she was almost hit with a bat attack by an Asian gangster if it hadn’t for that vampire who saved her just in time. Her senses were heightened as she caught a sniff of his seductive perfume that was only his and no one else’s. Her throat went dry and she couldn’t take her eyes off him as he carried her like a lover out of the gang war. However, some of the gangsters chased them down but he was fast enough to evade and lost them. A perk of being a vampire, of course.

The silver knife in her hand got lost in the process, which she couldn’t remember anymore where she dropped it. At last, they stopped in a park that had no people at that time of the night. He put her down to the ground at last.

She took out another knife that was hidden in her boot and said, “I’m supposed to kill you.” She attacked him but he effortlessly dodged it. After a few times of tries, she conceded and put the knife back. “You’re very strong, unlike the others that I’ve executed for the past nine years.”

He chuckled. And before she could blink, he was already so close to her. His hand arranged the blonde lock that escaped from her pony tail.His eyes were so blue that she felt like she’d drown in their depths.

“Are you using your powers to make me feel this way?” she asked with a small, hesitant voice.

“That’s offensive.” He laughed. Then he shook his head, with a serious. “No. I don’t use hypnosis in a whim. I’d rather seduce a woman while she’s very aware of it,” he whispered and his face slowly got closer to hers.

He smiled as he peered into her mossy green eyes, and she caught her breath again. “I’m Corin,” he said and stepped back. “I’m looking for my twin sister. So I can’t let you kill me before I found her.” Then he looked at the night sky with his hands inside his pockets.

She slowly let go of her breath as she watched him. She was so fascinated with him that she found herself offering him her help. His eyebrows rose in amusement.

“That’s very sweet of you, hunter,” he teased.

“It’s Maven Pierce. My name,” she said, trying to keep a straight face.

“Well, Maven Pierce. Let’s start finding Cadelle Willoughby,” he urged her.


Days and weeks passed. He couldn’t believe that he’d let a woman, human at that, to get involved with his business, which made him a target more than ever for letting her tag with him. His fellow vampires wanted a taste of a hunter but he always saved her from those twisted bloodsuckers. And every time, she got closer and closer to his heart.

“Why didn’t you ask your clan to help you find her?” she asked curiously while she drove the car toward a local bar where they hoped to get some information about his sister.

“They offered but I felt that it would be dangerous for them once we’re out of our territory. And it would be easier for me to be alone and no other liabilities,” he answered her question.

“But don’t you think that I’m going to be a liability to you for tagging along?” Her green eyes glanced and momentarily scanned his face.

“You’re going to be the source of my strength, Maven.” He touched her face gently as he whispered those words.

She was forced to pull over because of the way he made her feel. She swallowed and faced him. She leaned forward as he cupped her face and their lips met for the first time since they met. They had been avoiding it but now they let everything go and let this overwhelming feeling carry them to somewhere they would know what bliss is.

And yet, his cellphone rang and they broke the kiss. “What? Where?”

“What is it?” she asked after the call and he seemed to be in a daze.

“One of my clan members called to say that my sister turned up in our territory, with her family.”

“That doesn’t make sense! You’ve been thinking she’s been abducted all this time.”

It seemed that he didn’t hear her while he looked at her sadly. “A-are you going to kill me now, Maven,” he whispered that question.

And her throat constricted with all the emotion she kept inside after all this while she’s been with him. She held his face gently.

“We still have to ask her why she’s been missing all this time. Besides, I love you, Corin, and killing you won’t ever happen as long as I live!” And she kissed him with all the love she felt inside.

He felt alive like he’d never felt before, ever since he was turned into a vampire. He then whispered loving words to her as he kissed her back…


The end


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