Speedy Encounter


“Mom, yes! I’ll be there tomorrow night the latest. I promise,” I assure my mother as I talk to her on the cell phone. I am currently driving my red Camaro ZL1 to the office. In my thoughts, I am planning to finish everything today before deadline because I need to go home for my maternal grandparents’ golden wedding anniversary, which will be held in two days’ time. I have to be there at least the night before the party.

I greet my colleagues on my way to my small private office. I barely eat the entire day just so I have no pending work when I get back from my four-day paid leave. I stay busy all day by the time I get back to my condo in Fairfax, Virginia. At twenty-four, I work as a software developer for three years at Mazedtron Solutions, a fast-growing private IT service company.

I lie down in my bed, thinking about all my chores and the drive I have to do tomorrow. Even though it will not take me an hour drive, I still have to pick up a couple of gifts on my way home. I have already ordered a customized pair of mugs and anniversary pewter plate. I’m sure my sweet grandparents would love these as gifts and remembrance on their golden wedding anniversary.

I am excited for them. I can’t seem to believe that they’ve reached this far in their married life. It is too seldom to hear a couple that celebrate their fiftieth year of togetherness. My grandmother is two years younger than my grandfather who’s seventy-eight.

When I was little, my mother would often tell the love story of how my grandparents met when they were in college. They have had a long-distance relationship as they graduated from college and worked in different states. They’ve eventually got married when my grandfather was twenty-nine.

I wake up at around ten the next morning, have my breakfast, shower and changed into a comfortable sundress and sandals. I quickly pack a couple of shirts, underwear, shorts and other clothes just in case and shove them in an overnight bag. I don’t include some toiletries as I it’s my parents’ house anyways. I just don’t forget my toothbrush in case my Mom has no extra. She sometimes forgets to stock some necessary personal things unless she’s reminded.

I put on some perfume and I am good to go. But I frown when I hear my cell phone ring.

“What? Aaron, what do you mean you can’t find some of my codes anywhere in the program?” I gape when my team leader Aaron asks for my project. I have been careful of my work and it’s the first time that this shit is happening.

He sighs. “You have to come here at the office. I can’t see or locate your codes anywhere, Vanessa.”

I sigh desperately. I am an organized person. I usually even put comments so that my codes are visible to others when they want to have a look at those. I suck in some air in disappointment and annoyance.

“Alright. I’ll be right there.” I end the conversation with exasperation.

I put my bag in the trunk of my car and quickly drive toward the office. I take a glance at my watch. It’s almost twelve noon.

I park and quickly get off from my car. My colleagues are not used at seeing me in a dress. So I’ve quite garnered a few whistles and comments here and there. I enter Aaron’s office without knocking. Anyways, it’s just a cube of glass so he already sees me coming.

Thirty-seven-year-old Aaron is awestruck by my dress. He doesn’t hide his expression. He pushes his glasses up his nose as he openly gives me a once over. I just ignore it.

We go through the codes of my project, which I have already submitted to him. I am quite aghast why some of my codes yesterday are now missing. I quickly recode them just as I remember them. It’s like they’re just stuck in my mind and I merely re-incorporate them in the program.

I glance at my watch. I am sitting here at Aaron’s desk for four hours now. I grit my teeth in chagrin.

Okay. Just a few dozen more codes are left. My fingers are quickly tapping the keyboard non-stop. Aaron even offers me a burger but I refuse to eat it. I have to finish this before five-thirty at least. The gift shop will be closed at seven but I can’t take the risk. It’s important that I pick up the gifts by six at the latest, before I push toward home in West Joplin.

I sigh when I finish tapping the keyboard – all my codes re-incorporated. I look at Aaron who is now smiling. I give him a sharp look.

“You investigate why my codes got lost in the system!” I demand with a finger wagged before his face.

But he laughs. So I look at him even more closely. Our other colleagues – men and women alike – gather inside his office. With this, I turn to look at them as well.

Okay, something weird is going on here. I pick up the extra mouse on the desk and throw it to Aaron. I hit him right in the shoulder even though he tries to dodge it. He vigorously rubs his shoulder because of the pain.

“What the fuck!” I yell at him.

“It was just a test, Vanessa,” Aaron tries to start explaining.

“We want to see how fast you rework on your codes. We actually had a bet,” Manilik, a black man in his late twenties and a fellow programmer, reveals with a grin. “And you… just make me a hundred dollars richer!”

I get up from the chair and stand up, angrily looking at everyone. “This is not funny! You know that I have a family gathering to go to for fuck’s sakes!” With that, I storm out of the office building, never looking back even though they keep calling my name and saying sorry.

I get into my car and drive toward the gift shop fast. I am at least able to breathe easily when I have the gifts in two separate boxes inside my car, in the backseat. I look at the mirror. I notice my fuel is low so I stop to refuel at a station. I also use the ladies’ room there and retouch my makeup.

I look at my watch. It’s ten past six. I get out of the ladies’ room to pay for the fuel. Then I am on my way home to West Joplin. I use a rural straightaway and I have not noticed my speed when my mother calls me on the cell phone.

“Where are you, Van? It’d be nice if you could join us for dinner,” she says.

“Mom, I’ll be there soon. I’m on my way. Okay?” I say, ending the call.

I put my phone on the dashboard when I notice the state trooper’s blue-and-silver Ford Taurus peeking out from a roadside. The lights come on right away and so is the siren.

Oh, fuck! My day just doesn’t get any better. What am I going to do now?

I swallow hard, slowing down. The car still follows me so I pull over to the shoulder of the road. Oh, my God. What to do now? I have never been pulled over before.

So, the trooper car pulled over behind me, minus the siren but still with its lights blinking. Looking at my rear view mirror and then the side mirror, I see the tall state trooper in his light gray-colored button-up shirt uniform, complete with black semi-gloss straw Campaign hat and black tie, black shoes, brown belt and gun belt walk toward my car. As he gets nearer, I notice that he’s not only tall but also dark and handsome. I think he’s in his early thirties.

“Do you know how fast you’re going?” he asks in a baritone voice, which flips my heart oddly.

I blink for a moment and I run my tongue on my lips anxiously. I am not sure how to deal with this thing. So I don’t know how to explain or reason out.

“You don’t know that this is a 55 mile per hour zone?” he continues to speak, taking out a pad and a pen from his breast pocket. He glances at my sleek car. “You’re going with the speed of 95, you also have no inspection sticker and one of your turn signals is broken.” His piercing blue eyes settle on my face.

“W-what? I-I didn’t know… I have no idea my turn signal is broken. I-I’m sorry, Officer—” I stammer.

“You can just call me Jack,” he butts in.

I nod. “Um… I’m sorry… Jack… I-I was… am in a hurry. I got a call from my Mom, saying my grandmother will not make it tonight. Y-you see, my grandmother and I are so close… and… and she’s in her deathbed right now… looking for me. And I just borrowed this car from a close friend… and this is a Camaro ZL1 for God’s sake! I just haven’t realized it’s a very powerful car… and… I’m in a hurry… because my grandmother is dying…” I blabber a big fat lie.

I swallow hard once again. His piercing blue gaze still probe into my sherry brown eyes. I think he knows that I’m freaking out right now. He peers into my car and he obviously sees my wedding gifts in the backseat.

Fuck! What now?

“Where are you coming from?” he asks. I am even more flustered with this question aside from his powerful presence and piercing blue eyes.

Before I can say anything more, another tall, dark and handsome trooper comes up to my car – I notice from the rear view mirror. Like Jack, he’s in a trooper uniform.

“Oh, come on, Jack. Just ask for the driver’s license,” the second trooper says. I haven’t noticed that Jack is not alone in his car. Maybe the latter has inclined the passenger seat earlier.

“Just let me deal with this, Roy. Okay?” Jack says calmly to his colleague.

The second trooper named Roy looks like he’s the same age as Jack. He takes a peek at me, roving his eyes on my face. I’m not particularly pretty but I’m average-looking. I have short dark brown hair, small but pert nose, slightly wide and smiling mouth, thin and curvy eyebrows, high cheek bones and slightly divided chin.

“What did she say her reason? I’m sure she’s lying!” Roy counters. He looks at me angrily. His gray eyes are like steel and they see right through me.

Like Jack is not enough to fluster me, here is another one who’s more likely going to eat me alive. I feel like crying now. Wait, maybe it’s effective and supports the words that I’ve already blurted out to Jack.

“Just hand over your driver’s license, lady,” Roy continues to use his authority over me.

I look at Jack for help. His blue gaze leaves mine to look at his colleague.

“Come on, Roy. She’s distressed already. Her grandmother’s dying and I think we have to let her off with a warning for now.”

“Jack, this is a Terry Stop and is very legal! She’s overspeeding, there’s no inspection sticker anywhere on her car and a turn signal is broken. Maybe this is a stolen vehicle and I think we should search her car. Who knows what she has in this beautiful car?” Then, he turns to look at me.

Oh, my God! Is he serious? Why would this trooper do that?

I’ve heard about what a Terry Stop is. A law enforcer stops a person, like me, based on a “reasonable suspicion” that may have been engaged in a criminal activity and the officer will determine if there’s anything wrong done. Yes, overspeeding is enough justification for a Terry Stop. Besides, Virginia is very known for strictly adhering traffic laws, especially speed regulations.

Some people say you should never speed in Virginia. I’ve heard one case that a man was overspeeding in a rural straightaway – like where I am right now – and he had spent three days in jail. I don’t want to experience just like he did! Not when my grandparents are going to celebrate their golden wedding anniversary and not in this lifetime if I can help it!

No. No way! I can’t go to jail!

I look at Jack once again. Now, my eyes are getting hot as tears warn to roll down my cheeks. I hastily blink to keep myself from crying. I might just look pathetic!

“No, Roy. We’ll not do that,” he tells the second trooper with a taut expression on his face. Then, he looks at me again. “Give me your license to get your name. Your real name, okay?”

I nod and slowly reach out for my driver’s license in the gloves compartment. I give it to him and he reads my basic information there. Roy also peeks at my license with a sneer.

“Vanessa Mickelson. Age, 24,” Roy drawls.

Jack gives him a warning look before he gives my license back to me. “Okay, Vanessa. We’ll let you off tonight with a warning.”

I feel relieved. But…

“That is, if you agree to spend an evening with us,” Roy quickly adds.

It’s like I am a launched rocket that blows up mid-air. That’s how I feel when Roy added those words. I blink, looking at the two of them.

“W-what do you mean by that?” I obviously ask with curiosity.

“You spend one night with us,” Roy lazily says.

My throat goes dry. “T-tonight?”

“You can’t tonight, can you?” Jack gives me a charming smile for the first time. His eyes quietly tease mine. I’ve just realized that he knew from the beginning that I’ve been lying to him and that Roy has been right all this time.

Somehow, I feel guilty. What the fuck? What am I going to do now? If I don’t agree with this arrangement, I’ll certainly face perjury on top of the other traffic violations.

My cell phone rings. Although I hesitate to take it at first, Roy gestures for me to answer it.

“Where are you?” my mother demands. She sounds worried as well.

I haven’t realized that I’ve been detained for about ten or more minutes now. I should be home in like twenty minutes.

“M-Mom… I don’t think I can make it to dinner. I-I have a flat tire and I need some help. Don’t worry. I’ll get home as soon as it’s fixed. Okay?”

“Oh, Van. That’s too bad. I thought something has happened to you! Okay. Just be careful and I’ll wait up for you, alright?”

“Okay, Mom. Bye!” I put the cell phone back on the dash board and face the two troopers. The hell with this. “Okay. I’m thinking if we can do it tonight instead. I’ll be busy tomorrow night.”

Roy grins wider at Jack. I realize that the two intentionally play the bad cop good cop on me earlier just to mess with my emotions. But fine! I just have to give in to them. Maybe it’s not so bad. Both are good-looking anyways. Somehow, I get excited what’s going to happen tonight.

“Meet us at this motel in an hour.” Roy gives me a small paper with the name and address.

The two leave and speed away. I, on the other hand, just sigh and rest my hands on the wheel before I lean my forehead on them. God!

After a few minutes, I decide to stop at a diner and eat some burger and fries. My mind keeps going back and forth at those piercing blue gaze and steely gray ones. I don’t know but I think I prefer those blue ones looking at me. They look cool but I feel warm inside. There’s something in the way he looks at me.

Wait, am I just fantasizing Jack right now? I pout a little when I think of Roy. He’s not really bad looking himself. He’s more like a bad boy and girls do usually fall for bad boys because they’re more exciting. But I can’t feel it much with Roy.

Okay, I’ll see later. But the thing is, I’m also quite nervous what’s going to happen. I’m still a fucking virgin! I don’t know what to do. If only I can ask someone – but, no! I mentally kick myself. I can’t let anyone know about my predicament. I have to face the music alone and this is my life. I have to deal with it. Alone. By myself.

So, after almost an hour, I’m already inside the motel room. Awkwardly, I feel like a hooker waiting for my client. Fuck! Why do I get myself into this somehow demeaning situation? But, no. I should not think like that. I should think like this is an adventure, a new chapter in my life. Because after tonight, I’m fucking sure that I’ll never be the same.

Exactly ten minutes later, I hear a knock on the door. I open it and Roy and Jack in their casual civilian clothes come in. Roy locks the door behind him. Jack is standing between us, and both are looking at me.

“Take off your dress,” Roy orders in a calm voice.

But Jack steps closer to me and embraces my waist. He begins to kiss my lips without ceremony and his hands work to unzip my dress. He lets it pool at my feet. In the corner of my eye, Roy starts to shed his clothes.

Jack scoops me up and carries me to the bed, laying me down gently. After that, he takes off his shirt, pants and underwear. Roy, on the other hand, takes off my sandals. Next, he slowly pulls my panties off and throws them to the floor.

I look at these two magnificent men. Both are well-built and lean. And both are… well, aroused. What can I say? Their huge cocks look angry and ready to plow something – obviously, my pussy or some hole else. Even though I’m a virgin, I know how this part of their anatomy works.

Jack slowly releases my breasts from my brassiere. The two men admire my lady parts before they begin to kiss me. Jack kisses my mouth hotly, while Roy kisses my thighs and belly.

Jack caresses my breasts and he takes one of my hands to guide it, to touch and stroke his erection. My eyes go round at the sensation of holding a cock. It’s warm, hard, velvety and exciting. I suddenly gasp when I feel Roy cup a hand on my pussy and he slowly parts my thighs.

I already feel wet down there and I hear Roy’s slow groan when he discovers this. Meanwhile, Jack’s tongue invades my mouth, seeking my tongue. Oh, God! I like the way he kisses me.

All they do is sending me onto a new level everytime. I writhe as I softly moan with their caresses and kisses, especially when Roy begins to lick my pussy. When his lips leave it, his fingers move to play with it, making it drip.

“Taste it,” he tells me.

Jack abruptly halts kissing me. He looks at me as my tongue lick Roy’s fingers, tasting my own juice. Oh, I can’t believe that I taste good.

Jack’s turn to taste me comes as a surprise. He just parts my legs even more wider, drinking the juice of my pussy, holding my folded knees firmly. With this, I squirm under his sweet torture.

Roy also begins to knead my breasts with his big and rough hands. Then his mouth imprisons one of my nipples, which makes my back arch. As if what Jack is doing to my pussy isn’t enough, Roy sucks my nipples one by one, sending me higher. These two men just know how to pleasure my body.

I freeze and moan for a moment or two when Jack enters a finger inside my tight pussy. I hear him gasp but I’m not entirely sure why. I can only guess. So, I open my eyes to see his face. His eyes look so intense with desire and something else that looks like a surprise.

Oh, God! Does he know? What’s he going to do next?

I feel the anticipation building up in my body, more and more.

Roy continues to play with my nipples – sucking, nipping, licking – whereas Jack shifts his position. He kneels down, facing me and holding my folded knees. He then caresses my thighs and legs before he reaches down for his cock, teasing my pussy with its smooth head. He spreads my wetness along the labia and clit, paying more attention to the latter.

Jack’s eyes hold mine as he begins to sink his cock into my very tight pussy. I curse in my mind as I bite my lower lip to stifle a groan. Roy enters a couple of his fingers inside my mouth, opening it wider. With his other hand, he turns my face, and before I realize what he’s going to do next, he slowly enters his cock into my mouth. He impishly gives me a grin and grunts sexily.

The two troopers fuck me in synchronized manner. It is nice and slow and gentle to my amazement. Although I feel raw because of Jack’s huge cock, it feels wonderful to feel inside my pussy, reaching its depths and touching its walls.

So this is what fucking is. No wonder why everyone loves it. I realize that I’m going to love fucking after all. Maybe I should thank these two troopers to make me experience such a wonderful thing in my life – something that I’ve never thought or imagined possible.

Jack and Roy continue to enjoy my pussy and mouth, respectively. And I do, too. They keep pumping their hard and huge cocks in different rhythms. Slow and deep. Fast and shallow. Hard and quick. Until I realize like my body is feeling something intense, especially when Jack’s thrusts get so much faster than before.

My loud moan is suppressed because of Roy’s cock in my mouth. I feel myself burst into a wild, white and hot flame, which I realize later on as orgasm. Jack groans as he pulls out his cock to spray his load on my belly, while Roy grunts as releases his seeds on my cheek. Then, he plows my slightly parted and bruised lips with the tip of his cock.

Jack gently cups and caresses my sore pussy. After a few moments, without a word and in a gentle lover’s carry, he brings me into the bathroom. There, he turns on the shower, adjusting it to lukewarm, and washes my face first. Our eyes lock as he washes my body as well.

“You knew about the story of my grandmother was a lie.” I softly say to him.

He smiles a little and gives me a nod. “I could tell and I also sensed that you were freaking out.”

I chuckle a little bit. “I’m sorry that I lied. I just… it was just my first time to be pulled over, you know?”

“I guessed it so.”

“Can you tell me if you’re busy tomorrow?” I ask without inhibition.

“No. It’s my day off. But Roy is on duty.”

“Well… you know my home address. Can you come at three in the afternoon?”

He stops his gentle scrubbing of my belly to give me a more probing look with those blue globes of his. “Is it some kind of a date?”

I clamp my lips together, thinking for a moment or two before I nod slowly.

He chuckles and is about to say something when Roy decides to join us in the shower.

“Well, you two look so sweet. What did I miss?” he queries.

But none of us answer him. Roy just takes a quick shower and he reaches for the towel to dry his body. He shakes his head, giving us a teasing look, and goes out of the bathroom, whistling.

“Van! Someone’s looking for you!” My mother calls out from the bottom of the stairs.

I hurriedly finish checking myself in the body mirror. My flesh-colored dress is perfect for the wedding anniversary party. It’s a simple V-neck design with high low A-line lace and a zipper-up in the back. My makeup is extra smoky, which defines my eyes better.

I quickly run downstairs when I think I look perfect. And I give Jack a ready smile. Although I haven’t expected it, he hands me a bouquet of beautiful pink and red roses. I accept it and quickly introduce him to my parents. Later on, at the party, I also introduce him to my grandparents. The teasing is never-ending. But Jack doesn’t seem to mind. Nor do I. In fact, he seems to enjoy it. And so do I.

The end

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