Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

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Account Setup and Management

How to Create an Account?

Creating an account on Digital World Publishing is fast and easy.

1. Go to
Or Click on ►Login/Register button on the top right corner , a dialog box will come out click ►Sign Up.

2. Fill in the details.

3. Then click ►Complete Sign Up.

Note: After successful registration check your email to activate your account. If for some reason you didn’t receive the activation link please email us at ► (include your username that you use for signing up)

How to Login or Logout My Account?

Login your account:

  1. To Login your account click the ►Login/Register button on the Top right corner.
  2. Then on the Dialog box enter your username and your password then click ►Login.


Logout your account:

  1. To Logout your account click your avatar pic on the Top right, then click ►Log out
  2. Or you can go to your ►Dashboard ►My Account then click ►Logout

How to Edit my Password and Account Information?

1. Go to
Or you can go to your ►Dashboard then click ►My Account

2. On the Left side Menu click ►Account Details

3. You can see your account information and password.
Once you’re done changing click ►Save changes

You can ►click here to watch the video Tutorial

I forgot my password, How can I retrieve it?

If you forgot your Digital World password you can easily retrieve it back by following simple steps below:

1. Go to
Or  Click ►My Account  ►Forgot Password

2. Enter your username or email then click ►Reset Password

3. Then check your email and follow the Instruction.

How to View or Edit my Profile Information?

To view or edit your Profile follow this simple steps:

1. Click your avatar pic on the Top right, then click ►Edit Profile

2. Then Click on the ►Profile tab and click ► Edit
You will see two tabs About Me and More About Me

3. Choose which information you want to edit or update.
When you’re done editing click ►Save Changes

How to View All Activities and Post an Updates?

To View All members Site-wide activities and post your updates

1. Go to

2. Or click ►Community on the menu bar then choose ►What’s New?

3. Or Click your avatar pic on the Top right corner, then click ►Edit Profile

4. When your on your ►Activity tab you will see a lightblue textbox for posting an updates.

5. Type something and click ►Post Update

This guide will help you get started on Publishing your contents on Digital World.

What are the allowed contents to publish and post on Digital World?

You can publish and post Story, Chapters of your Novels, Short Stories, Blogs, Tutorials, Quotes, Poems, Reviews etc. as long as you are the original author or you are the copyright holder, or you are the exclusive digital publisher.

Note: Your content should be original or you have the copyright to publish it.

How to Post a Story, Blog, Tutorial etc.?

1. Click your avatar on the top right corner and choose ►Submit a Post
Or if you are in your Dashboard click on ►Add a Post

2. Fill in all the fields and click Submit or Draft if you’re not ready yet to publish your content.

For video tutorial click here

How to View or Edit my Live post or Draft?

1. Click your avatar on the top right corner and choose ►Edit a Post
Or if you are in your Dashboard click on ►Edit My Post

2. Click the “pencil icon” on the right corner and when you’re done click ►Submit.

I need other categories that are not posted on the category list, what should I do?

Please contact @support and request for an additional categories.

What are Tags?

Tags are sub-categories that can help your post to easily found. (Example: If you pick  “Romance” as your Category, you can type on Tags what sub genre of Romance is that like “Fantasy Romance, Contemporary” etc.)

Or if it’s a Series you can also put what kind of Series is that or if it’s a Chapter 1, Chapter 2 etc.

Publishing Premium Contents

What are Premium Contents?

Premium contents are contents that you put for sale and can be purchased by other members using their Points or eCredits.

How to make my Story or Blog a Premium Content?

Just add or check the “Premium Content” as your category on the category list and your post will automatically go on live as a premium content.

What type of contents can I publish as Premium Contents?

You can publish Complete stories, Chapters of your Story, Series of your Story, Premium Blogs, and Tutorials etc. as long as your the original author and you have the copyright to publish it.

Take Note: Please make sure that you also has the copyright for the image that you will post.

How will members access and buy my Premium contents?

They will need either Points or eCredits.

How much is a Premium Content?

The default price for a Premium Content is 100 Points or 1.00 eCredits.

How much will I earn If members purchased my Premium Content?

If the members bought your Premium Content using Points you will earn 50 Points and will earn ranks and achievements and will move you to the next level. If members bought via eCredits you will earn 0.70 eCredits and get an achievements as well.

Can I raise the price of my Premium Contents?

At the moment, No. If you want to raise the price of your Story you can open a shop and sell it as an ebook format. (coming soon!)

Publishing an Ebook

How to publish my ebook?

You need to open a Shop to publish and sell your ebooks. To find out more on how to open a shop click here.

This guide will help you get started on Reading and Downloading.

How can I read Stories, Blog, Tutorials, etc.?

1. Go to and browse on the available Stories, Blogs etc.

2. You can select on the categories of your liking, by navigating on the right panel.

3. Click on the Categories or Popular Tags to explore more categories.

How can I easily search stories, blogs etc.?

Just type the title of what you’re looking for on the “search box”, then click the search button or click enter on your keyboard.

How to navigate on all Categories available?

Click on the “Categories” on the right sidebar and click which categories you like or click the + sign to get more categories or click “Popular Tags” for sub-categories.

Where can I find my Reading list or Library?

Go to

Or Go to My AccountMy DashboardMy Library

Where can I find my downloaded ebooks?

Got to

Or Go to My AccountMy DashboardMy Downloads

This guide will help you get started in your Shopping.

How to Buy Products?

1. Go to
Or click ►Shop and choose which categories you want (ex. Books)

2. Browse on the products and when you found what you like click ►Add to Cart ►View Cart ►Proceed To Checkout

3. Fill in the forms with the needed details

4. If you need a customization in your order (ex. You order an ebook cover or Services) Please fill out the “Order Notes.”

5. When everything is good, click ►Place Order

How can I easily search a product?

You can type the title of the product you’re looking for on the search box, or you can browse by format, author, and publisher or by categories on the right panel.

How can I pay for my Orders?

You need to have eCredits to pay for an order. If you don’t have enough eCredits in your account you can top-up by following this link ►

Where can I see my Downloads?

Go to

Or Go to My AccountMy DashboardMy Downloads

How to buy Services?

(Coming Soon!)

How to Cancel my Order?

You can cancel your order if it’s still on “On hold” status. Please send as an email. But for all orders that was already on “Processing” mode, cannot be cancelled.

Please coordinate with the seller. If the seller agrees, you can contact us and request for a refund.

This guide will help you to learn more about eCredits.

What are eCredits?

Ecredits are virtual credits that you can use to spend in our website for shopping in our stores and for buying Premium contents, or for sending or transferring gifts to other members.

How can I top up my eCredits?

Click here and choose the amount you want to top-up.

Does eCredits has expiration?


How can I earn free eCredits?

Here are some ways on how you can Earn Free eCredits:

  1. You can earn free eCredits by using our given reward coupons
  2. Or if someone sent you an eCredits
  3. Or when you Level up or won in a Contest.
  4. By selling a Premium Contents and members bought it
  5. Selling your books, services and other digital products. (coming soon!)

Can I convert eCredits to Points?


How to Convert my eCredits into Points?

Click here or when you are into your Dashboard and click ►Convert

Can I send eCredits to other members?


How to transfer or send eCredits to other members?

To transfer eCredits to your favorite author, artist publisher and to other members please follow the given steps below:

1. Click here or you can go to your dashboard and click ►Transfer.

If you are in your Profile you can see a “Send Rewards to” box on the left panel.

2. Just type in the “username” of the member you wish to transfer eCredits on the Transfer box or Send Rewards to box.

3. If you can find their username click on their profile and click on the “Send Public Message” and you will see the “@” sign followed by their username.

What are the payment methods available to top-up my eCredits?

You can top-up your eCredits with the following payment mode:

  1. Debit Card
  2. Credit Card
  3. Paypal
  4. Cebuana Lhuiller (Coming Soon!)
  5. MLhuiller (Coming Soon!)
  6. Gcash (Coming Soon!)
  7. Smart Money (Coming Soon!)
  8. 7eleven (Coming Soon!)

When will I receive my eCredits after I top-up?

Top-up via Debit card or Credit card – Instant

Top-up via Paypal – Instant

Other payment method – Soon!

After I ordered eCredits, what should I do next?

Withdrawing eCredits

How and where can I withdraw my eCredits?

1. You can withdraw your eCredits by going to

2. Or go to ►My Account  ►Dashboard  ►Withdraw

Available payment method:


Mobile Load

Metrobank – Soon!

BDO – Soon!

Cebuana – Soon!

Mluiller – Soon!

Gcash – Soon!

Smart Money – Soon!

What is the minimum payout?

The minimum payout is P100.00

How much is the withdrawal fees?

Withdrawal fees varies depends on what payment method you will choose and how much does each payment mode charges. We are fair and no hidden fees and no surprises.

Withdrawal fees that will gonna be deducted:

Paypal – 2%

Metrobank – P25

BDO – P15

E-load – P0.00

Processing Fee – 5% up to P10 (max)

Other payment method (soon)

Example Computations:

Example 1:
If you withdraw 100 eCredits using paypal
100 eCredits – (5% up to P10 processing fee) = 95 eCredits (5 eCredits is the 5%)
95 – 2% (paypal fee) = 93.8 eCredits
Total you will receive = P93.8 (Philippine Pesos)

Example 2:
If you withdraw 1000 eCredits using Metrobank
1000 eCredits – (5% up to P10 processing fee) = 990 eCredits (10 eCredits is the processing fee)
990 – P25 (Metrobank fee) = 965 eCredits
Total you will receive = P965 (Philippine Pesos)

When will i receive my payment?

  • For paypal we send every Monday
  • For Mluhiller ,Cebuana we send every Wednesday
  • For mobile load we send everyday

This guide will help you to learn more about Points.

What are Points?

Points are the royalty reputation rewards you’ve earned in every interaction in our website. Everytime you earn Points and reach certain milestone, you will receive achievements, badge, rewards and more and get your ranks into the next Level. Points will also help you earn Reputation Levels and also help other members of the community to level up. Points will also let you get free eCredits.

How can I earn Points?

Please click here to view the Points Earning table.

Does Points has Expiration?


Where can I use my Points?

You can use your Points to purchase Premium Contents, Sending Compliments to your favorite members, and sending messages.

You can use Points to buy a Premium contents, Sending Compliments, sending messages, Joining contest, to earn badges achievements and rewards, to level up your rank, and to get free eCredits.

Can I transfer Points to other members?

No. However when you send a Compliments or buy Premium Contents the author will receive Points.

Can I buy Points when I run out of points?

No.  But if you have eCredits you can convert it to Points.

Can I convert my Points to eCredits?


How to earn more Points?

The more active you are and the more helpful you are in the community will let you earn more Points. And when you top-up your eCredits you also earn points. Please look at the Points Earning Table.

(Coming Soon!)


(Coming Soon!)

Returns and Refunds

(Coming Soon!)

How to Open a Shop?

(Coming Soon!)

Whether you’ve won on a competition, sold or buy an item, receive a publishing award, or even just by joining or verifying your account— we’re always happy to celebrate your achievements and your contribution to the life of our community.

How to earn badges?

(Coming Soon!)