Your sudden message brings me to tears,
Your words breaks my heart into pieces,
Your goodbye is the most painfull words I ever heard,
Your disapperance is acceptable before…
Your words of goodbye shatters my world.
If only I could be with you right now,
If only I could hug you,
If only I could cuddle you,
And say, “everything will be alright”,
I know it is late,
I know I can not change your mind,
I know you will be gone,
I know…
You are so unfair,
You did say you love me,
You always hurt me,
You always push me away,
Why do want to give up?
Why did you hurt me this bad?
Why can’t you wait for me just to hug you?
Why did you let me love you this much?
You said…
You said I am a mother to you,
You said you are my son by heart,
But why did you say goodbye, just like that?



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  1. Gem Villa Junior Pilot – Level 2
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    December 21, 2018 at 8:41 am

    How sad!

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