Heartbreak by: Gemvilla


By: Gemvilla

Pain, pain go away,
Don’t get back in anyway,
I don’t deserve you nowadays,
I want to forget you today.

I want to move on,
I want to let go,
So please let me so,
I don’t want to remember you.

Please heart stop hoping,
Stop your hopeless pretending,
And my mind’s shouting,
“Heart stop, you’re not dreaming”.

You pushed me before,
What am I waiting for?
Why can’t I just forget you?
Maybe beacuse my love is forevermore!

I love you,
You love her,
She loves another,
I guess there’s no Forever.

Goodbye my love,
I can get by,
Hope I will survive,
From this heartbreaking pain,
Of love that’s full of lies!


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