I bet your wondering why I titled this as a Ghost story. Well for the lack of trying I could not think of a better title for my personal life story of being haunted. It all started when I was 16 years old. On my birthday I woke up in the woods naked and alone. Mud caked on my hands and feet. Confused and afraid I made my way back home and slipped back in the house. I remember the moment I entered the house something didn’t feel right. I couldn’t put my finger on it but my stomach felt like it was going to drop out of my feet. I cleaned myself up and got ready for school. That night I had three of my Girl friends spend the night for my birthday. We were so excited and they all brought horror movies and the works for a seance as well as a spirit board. I was not too happy to see the spirit board but I didn’t object. We spent most of the evening watching the movies and telling our own scary stories. I had decided to show them my Wiccan things and let them know that I was a Wiccan. That seemed to make them crazy in a way. That’s when I learned my own Sister was one as well. I had yet to learn that I was a Green Witch. I had chosen to go down the Wiccan path as a Green Witch. I had spent many years thinking I was a Grey Witch but I was not. That night when we messed with the spirits I got posesed by the spirit that we were contacting. I went from sweet and funny to dark and violent in about 30 seconds. My Sister had to slam me on my back and commanded the spirit back into the board and spilled hot wax and oils on me. When I came to they were all scared of me except my Sister. They told me that my eyes turned red and I tried to kill them. I was horrified. I saw that I was sitting in the middle of a pentagram and the lights were off so I turned them on and we closed the circle and put everything away. I did everything I could to make them see I didn’t want to hurt them but they all ended up going home. By 11pm I was all alone. I figured I was crazy and placed the memory deep in my head and left it there.


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