Unique love


this is Shehera’s first love and it happened in her school days.When she was studying grade 9 she met Ryan.But she didn’t know that he’s going to change her whole life.Her friend Neeya had some crush on him so everyday she is describing him and share her feelings with Shehera and some friends.After their periods  over often they were wandering the school so shehera began to love him unknowingly..😙though she didn’t take it serious but she decided to talk with him before her friends talk.She drew his name in a beautiful paper. Then her bestie and shehera gave the letter to a little girl and used the girl as a pigeon..🕊 to send her love to him.The innocent girl gave that to Ryan and shehera hid in wall and enjoyed his beauty..but when he got the paper,he read that in a rude face and he tried to find the name but shehera wrote it as from: your love.But he knew that is written by her because a few days he had noticed that one girl following him. As he’s a sports player he had seen her multiple times when he was playing.he tried to find why was she doing these things but at the moment only he got angry on her because of his friends.they teased him and laughed at him and match made them..so he went to her class with his friends gang after seeing them in a angry face she shivered and hid in her classroom desk.

Then Ryan’s bestfriend Jacob talked with Kiara who was supported Shehera to talk with him.Jacob talked calm and softly that if she wants to talk with him come and talk that’s no problem but if you do like this you and we get caught and we’re are elder than you so we know your feelings but it’s not good in your age and Kiara nodded her head and Ryan asked “where are they?” She kept quiet and Neeya and all friends surprised about this unexpected situation because they talked with Kiara among the all class students after the interval.Shehera got ashamed and felt very sad that he returned the paper to her back. She cried alot in her home she couldn’t control it in that moment😢 she found that she fell in love with him and started to think her old memories that had happened with him.In childhood she had alot of memories with him even they didn’t know each other..so she decided that this is her destiny and she can’t change it and she thought he is the only one that I can share some place in my heart.❤ She did so many things which are some symptoms of being love

She read some love facts,she listened to lots of love songs,she smiled like a mad when she thinks about him,she got jealous when her friend Neeya praised about him and she saw his face everywhere.But we know that even he won’t think about her..When she says sorry for the embarrassed situation he just said “Oh that’s fine!” But she felt like that God had talked with her.She got mad because of thinking her conversation over and over again.. She has become a child too..👼I hope you too know how the love affect someone?Later she hurts alot more than she deserve because she loved more than he desreve so If you want to know more about this story.. like my story and comment your opinion about it.. so I will release the Chapter 2 😀


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