Rain Drops

Darkened skies make the whole day feel sadder,
Grim and so dark, yet it makes me feel better,
I love the sound of the rain as it drops,
The roof making music till the orchestra stops,
The smell of the ground and freshly wet dirt,
The joy of the plants drinking water in thirst,
Oh joyous day, a rainbow’s on the way,
Liven the trees, the rain saves them from decay,
Grass in the meadows, peppermint fields,
Bring on the flood till the earth starts to yield,
Gray is the clouds, but soon they bring color,
Raindrops like prisms, petrichor is the odor
Emerald raindrops, like spring in the winter,
Deserts yearn for you, arrive sooner or later,
Cold is the temperature, warm is my soul,
Relaxing dear raindrops, your sound I adore
The water flowing from the windows distract me,
From the heavy burdens of life, that seek to destroy me,
Oh, how the rain washes my worries away,
Don’t let it stop, make it rain every day!
Through cold raindrops, the worry all stops,
Dew through mountain tops, all over the crops,
People all hunched up, to stay dry in the season,
Chicken soup for the body, cold rain is the reason,
And though the rain drops so heavy and wild,
I ran outside laughing and for once I was a child,
Just stomping on puddles, rivulets flow through my face,
Dancing around the rain, both with ecstasy and grace,
The rain slowly lessens, the clouds start to part,
The next thing it brings always lightens my heart,
The colors of rainbows, the light of the sun,
The thunder has stopped, and the rain was soon done,
I close my eyes as the rain clouds subside,
For my life’s on those raindrops, it’s where my joy resides.


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