Broken. story


There I sat alone in a dark classroom. I had hidden there for a few hours now. Nobody came in so I expected no one used it. I had made this classroom my second home I always went to my classes before and grabbed my work and went to the empty class. I did all of my work but it always felt like something was missing. I never really let emotions out I stayed quiet. I was distant from everyone. People tried to sit with me and talk to me at lunch but I never spoke back. I hid from my problems until they’re gone. I hide from everything including myself sometimes. I can’t really make friends because of who I am. Nobody likes the nerdy dorky kids they just bully them. I purposely stayed in my own place at these times. I tried talking to the counselor but he told me to just talk to people and ill make my way. I never took his advice. I stayed away from everyone until I cracked. I began living and breathing something I wasn’t. I took about 15 years hiding and then I finally came out of my shell. I had smiled and went outside and tried to be normal. No One knew me nor ever heard me speak. I was like this guy who no one knew or spoke to. I stuck out like a sore thumb until I found this girl. She was beautiful and she had long hair. She was like a beautiful angel. I had tried speaking to her but nothing came out. I froze up like a deer in headlights. I had watched her from distances but not too far. I had looked online to see who she was and I didn’t even know her name. I had finally got the guts to talk to her. She had turned and walked away like she didn’t see me. I had tried again and again. I was mindless of my words and I didn’t know how to approach anyone. I had gone back to the empty classroom I called my house. I never thought id take it this far. I finally got the chance to speak to her. In my basement tied up. We had conversations about small things. I fed her and treated her well. She was with me for 3 years until she broke up with me. I always wondered why she left in such a hurry. Then there was a knock on my door. Mindlessly thinking I thought it was her and opened with a smile. I was greeted with a barrel of a sawed-off shotgun. Then punch after punch and then feet stomping my head into the floor. Lying there I had thought to myself and I had wanted revenge. I had taken action and jumped into the next action. I showed up to her home with nothing but myself. I had broke in at 2:00 AM. Strangled them all silently then searched for guns to make it look like a shooting. I had released shots into all the chests and left. Days later the police showed up at my home and I willingly went with them. I knew what I did was wrong but I couldn’t help my anger. I guess I didn’t know how damaging I could be.


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