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Is it destiny? Or is it something more than that? Of all people, why them? Why two people from different years? Of all people, why did she switch body with someone from the time where she is no longer alive?

That is the question Mitsuha answered when she found out that she and the whole town’s people will die on the night that the comet is most visible and brightest. The reason why her mom, grandmom, and the others had experienced such phenomenon was to save them from what is bound to happen that fateful night. It just happened that no one succeeded for they ended up forgetting the other person they had switched bodies with even before that falling of the comet.

Mitsuha’s story which happened and reached the time of the tragedy almost ended the same way and would have died. Actually, she did. They all did. What made her story different was that, the love of Taki toward the girl he no longer remembers made the twist.

Switching bodies again on that day to save her and others, to prevent such tragedy. The bottom line is that the town’s people survived.

Five years…

Five years passed that they both forgot about the phenomenon. But the unexplainable feeling of being incomplete, yet do not know what is missing. The feeling of trying to find, yet do not know what to find.

The emotion for each other that was left in them became the key to recognize each other. Despite forgetting each other’s name, their love, their heart never forgets the person, the feeling it has for that particular person.

I do not know what it really is. One thing is for sure, it is love.

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